The best facial masks for only €0.99

Etos Facial masks each is only € 0.99 cents.

Facial masks. One of my fav beauty products! I think a masks gives your skin so many positive effects, so I use them a lot. This time I tried the masks of Etos. They gave some different ones. You can find each one at the end of this article. They are available in small bags, which is much easier that a large tubes or something. And they all smell so good! I love it! Try them out now.

The different ones they have:

  • Deep cleansing virgin olive (shea butter & cocoa) oil mask
  • Smoothing strawberry (& vanilla extract) souffle mask
  • Cleasing peel off mask (manuka honey)
  • Cleasing mud mask (dead sea minerals, seaweed & lavender
  • Balancing mud mask (organ oil & acai berries extract)

Smell like Wonder Women

Jean Paul Gaultier WONDERWOMAN (here)

This is one thing I am sooooooo excited about! And I’m sure a lot of you too! Jean Paul Gaultier has a new limited edition.  Who brings two super heroes together, named Superman and Wonder Woman. HOW COOL IS THAT. Please note: it is a Limited Edition, so you have to be quick! Do you know this perfume brand already? Jean Paul Gaultier is known for the beautiful bottles in the form of bodies. The fragrance always have a male torso bottle or a women torso shaped bottle. I love the brand for years, not only because of the nicely smell of the fragrances, but I also think the bottles are so beautiful and unique. And good news for all comic fans/beauty fans: the new Limited Edition of Jean Paul Gaultier is really really great.

The smell “Classique” Eau Fresh is a scent of orange blossom and vanilla. As the name implies, it is a fresh scent and perfect for summer. The bottle has the recognizable shape of the woman’s body but has now a logo of Wonder Woman. Nice and powerful and totally in Comic Con style. And one thing which is also nice? The male perfume of this Limited Edition is Superman! Two super heroes who are brought together. So when your boyfriend/husband/father/brother is a fan of this super heroes? Then this one is the perfect gift for him. You can buy the Superman “Le Male” Eau Fraiche for the price of € 79.05 (125 ml) and the Wonder Woman “Classique” Eau Fresh for the price of € 90.95 (100 ml). But.. BE THERE because they are Limited!!!

Clean your skin with Garner SkinActive

Garnier Micellaire pinkgreen 

Taking care of your skin and especially the skin of your face is so important. There will be never a day when I don’t clean up my face and remove my makeup. It is such an important thing to do. The first thing I always do is remove my makeup with an oily makeup remover. After that I will clean the rest of my face with this Garnier Micellaire gel cleaner. You can also remove your makeup, but an oily product is much easier. The Micellaire gel cleaner is a perfect product to get away from dirt, makeup and oil from your face. Because Micellaire is like a magnet and takes all the dirt of your face. So you can clean your face in a soft way, without having to rub really hard. Sounds great right? Do you want to try this amazing product? You can find the links in the description above. Have an amazing Thursday! Kisses

8x my favorite W7 makeup products

Hey girls, How are you doing? I am doing great, but last one in Paris. So I want to make this day a perfect ending of the trip. Look at my 8x favorite w7 products. Do you know the brand already? You can buy the products on or at some selected stores. First I am using the ‘in the nude palette‘ for my eyes. Than I use the ‘cheeky trio‘ for my cheekbones with a blush, bronzer and highlighter in it. I like the highlighter from the cheeky pallette but the ‘Strobe Time palette‘ has prettier colors like light pink or light brown. For the lips I have two ‘mega matte’ lipsticks in the colors: Nude Billionaire and Well Heeled. I have some ‘metal kiss in Ace Face’ and ‘metal pout Goldilocks‘. And the last one is the Skinny Lipping in ‘Off the wall‘ And the packages are so cute. And they are so budget proof! You need to check it out! Kisses

Share your love and help people with skin problems

1 vaseline purchase = 1 donation to Direct Relief

Hi girls! Do you use Vaseline for maybe your lips or your dry skin. Now Vaseline is started a campaign together with Direct Relief to help people with their skin problems. Normally we help the people in poor countries with things as lack of food, water and shelter in emergency situations. While skins problems, especially if they are not treated, can make bigger problems. Since 1865, the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly helps the skin to repair and protect. So our mission is to help 5 million people before 2020. But what can we do to help the people. When you buy one Vaseline Jelly you will give one donation to Direct Relief. The campaign at Kruitvat starts on 20 February till 5 March. Share the restorative power of Vaseline with us! 

in collaboration with Vaseline