Trying out these amazing hair products from Urban Alchemy

Urban Alchemy

Have you ever heard of a shampoo and scrub for your hair?! Me neither. So I was really excited to try this out. First more about the collection of Urban Alchemy. It is called Urban Magnum, what means the big work. It is a German brand founded in 2017. They wanted to make something great which makes the life of hairdressers much better! The products are also vegan (good to know). Because of the scrub in the shampoo it makes your hair very clean and removes all remains of minerals and silicone deposits from the hair. The wastes that dry out the hair, make it heavier, dull and possibly change the shade, make space for a boost of vitamin C. Sounds really great right?! Do you want to try this product? Click on the link above!

Trying 540 micro needles on my face with Swiss Clinic

Swiss Clinic Skin Roller // Rejuvenating Serum // Sanitzing spray 


Hi girls, how are you today? Hope you feel great. Look what I discovered a couple of weeks ago. You know I really like to try things out to make my face looks more smooth. Me and my face are always in a little fight with some products. Because I think it needs cream to hydratate, but when I use that my face is very greasy and shiny. And you think it will be more even, but that is just the opposite. I have a lot of red and black spots on my face. So I tried out these products from Swiss Clinic. I was a little scared of the micro needles, but I feld nothing on my face. My face will be a little red after using it for 5 minutes, but it saids it will open thousands of small channels in the skin. After treatment with the Skin Roller, the skin will absorb up to 300% more serum or gel thanks to the microchannels. And the serum I used it not greasy and absorb really well. My face looks smoother and even than before! You can use it as a 5-day trial, but I use it I think twice a week. The third product is to disinfect the roller, so it is much better to use in with all of these three products. Click on the link above to try it by yourself. Kisses!

Sporty hairstyles with Team Kappers

Photoshoot with Team Kappers

Good morning!! Today I really want to share these photos from my photoshoot with Team Kappers. We really want to show you how to style your hair to the gym. It was fun shoot ! And my hair looks amazing. Especially the one with the bun, I love the most. So cool that because of my blog I met so many wonderful people and I do so many cool things! What do think of the photos? For more inspiration, click here. Now need to dress me up and do my makeup. Have a nice Sunday!

Free your pores with Bioré

Bioré – free your pores

Have you ever tried the black masks before? The ones for the black heads on your face? Does it work? My struggle is to keep my face clean. I like it to give my skin a treatment some times. So once a week I do a face mask or a deep cleaning. Before this I always use some foam cleaners or a creamy face mask. But I decided to try out the black head masks. I order it on Ali Express to try it for the first time. But it didn’t work so well. Than I discovered this amazing brand, named Bioré. This month they launched their products to Holland for the first time. It already is a big brand in America and Japan. So dear Dutchies, say hello to Bioré and bye bye to the dirt, haha! They have two collections: the baking soda one for the normal skin and the charcoal one for the oily skin. Right now I’m trying some face strips on my skin from the baking soda collection. One on my nose and one on my left cheekbone. First I need to make my skin wet and then I need to apply the strips for 10-15 min. So excited! I already try the scrub and the foams and they are great!! You need to try it out by yourself. You can buy it on their own website or at the Kruitvat or Etos.

Get it all NYC

Get it all foundation sticks // Get it all & Bold mascara NYC

Hi girls. I am back after the weekend with some amazing makeup products from NYC. Do you already know this brand? I know it before from Kruitvat. They have some great products and a lot of choice. My favorite is the ‘BIG BOLD‘ mascara, because of the big fluffy brush. The other ones are the ‘BIG VOLUME’  and the ‘Get is all‘ mascaras. Then we definitely need to talk about the foundation sticks. These are so easy to use. The foundation sticks are perfect to mattifying, illuminating and you will get a great coverage. They are also very long lasting. Amazing for those hot summer days. You can see the colors on my arm. I’ve got the: ‘Ivory‘ on the left, the ‘Honey Beige‘ in the middle and the ‘Warm Beige‘ on the right. For me the ‘Honey Beige’ is the best because I have a little tan already. What do you think of these products? Let me know in the comments. Kisses.