Gold baby, solid gold

Hi everyone. And again long time not talk. Making blogpost is not in my system yet. But I really like to do it, so I need to do it more often. Let me know what you would like to read. Maybe I can write more informative blogpost. Maybe about how I started and what I learned so far from blogging and social media. That seems nice to me to read for you guys. Now more talk about these amazing skincare products. You know I am a Baborista right?! I really like the products of Babor a lot. And especially when you come in beautiful packages, hihi ! Look at these pretty ones. The packaging is round and white gold. You can find them here. I have not try it yet, because it didn’t finish my last face cream from Babor. But it sounds really great. Now I am almost ready for the weekend. First I need to finish some work and than I am ready to relax! Not clear what i am going to do this weekend, but I need to make some photos and I need to edit some photos, so enough to do!! And trying my new camera again. I am so happy with it. Because look at the photos. They are so much better right now. The quality is great!! What do you think?

In collaboration with Babor

Be like a sunflower….

…… even on the darkest days stand tall and find the sunlight.

Back after an amazing trip!! Have you already see my previous post about my trip to Indonesia? I had so much fun. This time a blogpost again about one of my favorite skincare brands: Babor. I was really into getting some good everyday products. So this is a mix from my daily products. From a sunscreen, we definitely need to hot sunny days, to a lipstick in a nude color. It is so important to take care of your skin during Summer. Especially your face is the first thing I always protect. So when I start the day I start with the moisture serum to refresh my dry face. Then I put some anti age cream on. Okay I am 22, but it is important to start after the twenties with some good cream. Then I use the sun care. I didn’t use some foundation at all during Summer. I like a face with some freckles, because it reminds me to the beach and the sun. After that I use some lipstick and some other makeup like mascara to make a basic work look. You can find all the product below;

Collagen Booster Cream

I’m your flowergirl.

Hi girls, how are you doing?! Hope you feel great. Because we have a new week, so new opportunities ahead! I am thinking about making more content about my personal life. About how I edit my photos and how I think about Instagram at the moment. I think it would be nice when you know a lot more about me 😉 Now about these photos. I am also try to make more personal content. So only content what I like the most. So here you see me in a flower fiels near my home. Maybe you already know on my stories I am back in Holland again. So it seems I am still in Italy, but that is not true. Working hard everyday at the office. And not for my own company, but another fulltime job. I wish I could travel more!! But okay these flowers field are looking also very beautiful. And I wanted to share these products with you. Since I am a #baborista I will share my favorite product every month. So here they are. Some makeup products, some beauty/skincare products. At the moment the festival ampuls are really great. I like doing these kind of treatments. Like everyday another ampul. The makeup products are some favorites of mine, like a eyeliner, nude lipliner and lipstick, an amazing foundation and a glow stick. I will link everything below. The last two products on the photos are body products who are perfect for this season, because it is a peeling cream and body cream. They smells so so great, I can really recommend these products. As I already said find everything below!!

Kisses, Marieke


  • Deluxe Foundation 03 almond (here)
  • Liquid Eyeliner black (here)
  • Lip Liner 03 nude rose (here)
  • Creamy Lip Colour 04 nude rose (here)
  • Skin Glow Illuminator 02 sun light (here)
  • Lifting Body Cream (here)
  • Body Peeling Cream (here)
  • AMPOULE CONCENTRATES Hydra Glow (here)


In collaboration with Babor

Yeah I have become a #BABORISTA, check this blogpost for more!

Hi girls, how are you? I can share something really excited with you. As you can already see in the caption above. I have become a Baborista. So great. Do you know the brand already? It is called Babor, and it is a very good skincare brand which I already used before! I really like it because I already tried their cleaning brush set and their advent calender with the ampuls. Everything was so nice, so I am really proud that I can say I am a #BABORISTA. So now about these amazing products. First the Essential cream Pure Intense. I am 22 years old and I still have a lot of pimples and impurities, so this cream is perfect for me to use everyday in the morning and in the evening. The other products are also for impurities like redness and large pores. I use the Couperose Cream , Pore refiner and the Hyaluron Cream. And right now I can see my skin calmer (or how do you see it in English). I mean less pimples and impurities, so that is really great!! The products also smell very good and they feel great on my skin. This was it for now. But you will probely see more of Babor in the next couple of months. So stay updated girls! Have a great day.

In collaboration with Babor

Trying out these amazing hair products from Urban Alchemy

Urban Alchemy

Have you ever heard of a shampoo and scrub for your hair?! Me neither. So I was really excited to try this out. First more about the collection of Urban Alchemy. It is called Urban Magnum, what means the big work. It is a German brand founded in 2017. They wanted to make something great which makes the life of hairdressers much better! The products are also vegan (good to know). Because of the scrub in the shampoo it makes your hair very clean and removes all remains of minerals and silicone deposits from the hair. The wastes that dry out the hair, make it heavier, dull and possibly change the shade, make space for a boost of vitamin C. Sounds really great right?! Do you want to try this product? Click on the link above!