My stay at the most fashionable hotel of Amsterdam – Hotel The Exchange


Hotel The Exchange Amsterdam 

Hi girls, did you have a nice weekend? My weekend was amazing! I had the opportunity to stay at the most fashionable hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, named Hotel The Exchange. Did you know the hotel? At the end of 2011 hotel the Exchange had it’s opening, well known by their rooms designed like fashion models. So if you are a fashionlover like me, you need to check it out!

The rooms from 1 to 5 stars are designed by young graduated students from the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and the designer Ina Matt. Every room has it’s own charm, one room a bit more luxurious then the other, the stars have to do with the size of the rooms. So it all depends what you are looking for.

I tried the 5 star room number #703 at the 6th floor. The room had a much inspired design, there are many corners where I could work, the bed is very comfortable and it even has a bath. I almost feels like a real home on the Damrak. The prize of the budget rooms vary from 80 euro to 150 euro. The luxurious 4 or 5 star rooms start at 200 euro a night. In the early morning you can have breakfast at the cosy place Stock where I had my pancakes with Nutella and banana, so good! So what do you think of this cool place? Let me know!



Adres: Damrak 50, Amsterdam
Buurt: Amsterdam Centrum