Blue skies, the best Duomo view & Aperol Spritz

Views at the Duomo in Milan

Blue skies, the best Duomo view & Aperol Spritz  – felt like a happy tourist after discover this amazing spot. Milan, you are so beautiful! Today we are strolling around in the city to visit the amazing stores around the Duomo and something like that. It is very hot, so my hair looks like a mess as you can see on the picture above. But the Aperol Spritz was amazing. This is one of the rooftop terraces in Milan. For a better view on the Duomo you can go to Duomo 21 in the setting of the brand new luxury hotel, the TownHouse. Here the restaurant and the lounge bar are open until late at night.  Or are you looking for an aperitivo location in front of (or better, behind) the Duomo? The right place to go to is the rooftop of the Boscolo hotel, five stars even when it comes to the view. So many choices. Let me know which one you would like to visit!


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