Blossom and my new Sudio headphones

Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones

Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing great! I am, cause it is already blossom season, haha! I love it so much! This is what I did last Sunday! We had to go to this amazing blossom street in Germany. Unfortunately it is a long way to drive, but the trees were worth it! I always bring some music with me for a long drive ❤ That’s the way I can totally relax, and with these gorgeous white headphones from Sudio Sweden, it will totally work! I really like the white clean design and you can customize these headphones with different caps! They have so many choices so I couldn’t decide which to get, so I went for white marble, haha! These will always work. The headphones are wireless so it makes your life so easy, and super handy for the gym too! I will be using these a lot. Get your 15% discount with the code: mariekekazen15. Now it’s time for some homework! ❤ Have a day!


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