Best thing to do in Barcelona

Rent the coolest bikes at Cruising Barcelona (Dutch company)

The best thing to do in Barcelona and to see as much as possible is renting a bike. But I don’t want the normal bikes, I want to do it on a LA style 😉 Cruising Barcelona rent the coolest beachcruisers ever. And it for a fair price. When we cycled across the boulevard it was such a cool vibe. There were sporting people everywhere: surfers, runners, swimmers at the pools near these photos. I can really recommend this. And it was nice weather also. Very important 😉 I have so much photos to share with you guys, so you will see a lot Barcelona the next comming days. Have a great day everyone. Kisses


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  1. september 23, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    Cruising Barcelona is one of my favorites companies in Barcelona, they are so cool and nice!
    Hope you had a fantastic time in Barcelona

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