Backlight madness

Top TOSAVE // Shoes Sebago (now with discount)// Jewelry Ohsohip

Last evening we went out to shoot some photos of this great top, and when the sun was setting the light just turned crazy… I love backlight but this was on another level, haha! My little brother is from now on a pro photographer. 😉 I went for a asymmetric top with denim pants and my new Sebago shoes. My hair looks so flat over here. I really need to do something better with my hair, like a mask.. Looking for some new stuff over here. What did you do with your hair when it turned out like this way? Oh and did you already see my great jewelry? It is from Oh So Hip, a really cute I discovered lately. They have a lot of amazing jewelry in their store. Now need to do a lot of work. I am so busy at the moment. Some weeks ago I tell you that I have a new fulltime job. And it is so hard to do a lot for my blog right now. But this is what I like the most!! Hope you guys have a great day, kisses and love <3



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