Shoe obsession – bold soles

Hi everyone. You know I really like my new dr Martens with very big big soles. It is a crazy trend at the moment and I love it so much. Here are 4 ways to try the latest souped-up pairs.


Hikers. Tough meets sleek in these slush-crushing, lug-bottomed boots. This is a trend it need to overview for this first time. But it is really cool. You can wear this with a beret, jeans, some mimalistic jewerly and a cozy knit.

Dad sneakers. Sporty-cool kicks (a.k.a. the fast track to giving your look a street-style twist). I can live it these boots. The are so comfy and cool at the same time. A big fav this season. Wear it with a leather black pants, knit with turtle neck and some statement earrings.

Platforms. Take your chilly-day outfit game to new heights in supersize styles. Wear platforms to look a little higher and it is also very comfy instead of heels. Wear this one cool with a black thin turle neck, black sunglasses and jeans skirt.

Gum soles. Wintry weather is no match for these outdoorsy-chic pairs. This is a trend I didn’t wear before. I like it but is not really my style. What do you think of it? Wear these boots with a jeans jacket, plaid skirt and striped to.


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Top 10 essentials

Hi girls! Today I want to share 10 stay-warm, look-great essentials of this year. 1. is the Teddy coat. Get cuddly with a plush, playful topper. I wear it almost everyday! It fits so comfy! Here are some favs of mine. I really like the one of Cinq a Sept. It is basic, but also cool with the pockets at the front! Shop it overe here. Number 2 of the essentials is the beanie. Your outfit and ears will benefit from a colorful toasty hat. 3. The two-piece. Snuggle up for the night (or hit the holiday party circuit) in a louche PJ-set. Also a big favorite of mine is 4. the textured pants. This season’s pants party is brought to you by luxe velvet and classic corduroy. 5. Statement sweater. Winter rule of the thumb, the greyer the day the brighter the knit! 6. Extra large scarf. A blacket-like wrap as a statement making as it snuggly. 7. All weather boots. We want to lace up these utilitsrian-sleek pairs even when it is not snowing. 8. Thin turtle neck. Start with this quintessential  (and chic) base layer on extra frigid days. 9. Updated hosiery. Say hello to polka-dot tights, color-blocking socks, and ribbed knee-heights. 10. Belt bag. Wear one to punch up a puffer or cinch an overcoat. Hope you  like it!! Have a great day.

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Big Shopbop sale; my favorites

Hi everyone, how are you? You know Shopbop is one of my favorite webshops!! Now they have a big sale comming up! So I thought it would be nice to share my favs with you. The sale is from 11/20/18, 7:18am Eastern Time Zone (New York), untill: 11/25/18, 11:59pm Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles). Three of my favs right now are; the Anine Bing pants, Veronica Beard top, Jonathan Simkhai top. These are some basics I really need in my closet. The whole collection of Jonathan Simkhai is really great. I want to have everything haha! Below you find more information about the upcomming sale.


•             15% off orders of $200+

•             20% off orders of $500+

•             25% off orders of $800+


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10 best things to do in Curacao

Have you ever been to Curacao before? When you are planning  a new trip you definitely need to think about this amazing island. Here are some of my best place you need to go to;

  • Sea Aquarium at Mambo Beach; here you can see the greatest dolphin shows ever! Everything looks so amazing. You can buy a ticket for the whole day and watch all the shows, feed the sharks or swim with dolphins.
  • Playa Grandi; this was my favorite place of the whole vacay. Because we went snorking a little and then they throw aways fish in the sea and the sea turtles came to eat is. It was so crazy to come so close to them. And I made this amazing shot, how cool !
  • Playa Kalki; the sand was so white I needed to wear a sunglasses, haha! This is a smaller beach where you can eat and take lot of photos of the white beach and the crystal clear water.
  • Playa Grandi Kenepa (grote knip); a nice big beach to rend some sunbeds and chill a little. And it has a great viewpoint!
  • Tugboat; here you see the most beautiful fishes ever. There was a boat underwater and this was so great to see. Such a cool experience. Here you can chill and take dive lessons.
  • Ostrich farm; take the safari car to drive across the ostriches, and they also have parrots, monkey and a lot of other animals. Nice to do when the weather is cloudy 😉
  • Playa Porto Mari; you know the beach from photos at the Malidives with those pigs in the water. Here they also have them. But when I came here they were only on the beach and not in the sea so I couldn’t take photos of them…
  • Hato caves; want to do something more cultural? Visit the Hato caves is a great experience. It is not under ground, but first you need to take 50 steps to come here. And it is not cold, but very hot haha! Amazing to see this!
  • Kokomo beach; go on the swing and take a lot of photos. There is also a great restaurant to lunch and the entrance is so beautiful. I think it is a very popular spot!
  • Klein Curacao; take a boat (Miss Ann or Mermaid boat trips) to go to this little island at the coastline of the east. The water is so crystal clear and the beaches really white. You can visit the old lighthouse or the washed up boat. We took the Miss Ann boat trip and I can really recommend this! We had breakfast and lunch with the whole group on the beach, which was great!


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The Fashion Week has wrapped, which means two things: We have six months to brainstorm how to incorporate a lot more yellow into our spring 2019 wardrobes, and we now know which fall 2018 runway trends actually translate it to street style. Every season this stylish set gets around a handful of It Items from the collections just hitting retail, which sets off a sort of chain reaction: They’re photographed in those pieces, those images make their way around the Internet, people start inquiring about said pieces, and the market is suddenly overwhelmed with them and their look-alikes. You don’t have to wait long to cop the biggest trends for this season—many of the street-style crowd’s picks are already available for purchase (and budget-friendly).


Arty Animal Prints

One of the season’s coolest approaches to prints is to make an arty interpretation of some of the most recognizable animal patterns—like color-blocking and abstracting zebra stripes. You can go all in with a patterned one-piece, or ease into it with a discreet accessory.

Scarf Accents

The most exciting fashion trends are the ones you can fashion out of things you already own—and whether it’s your go-to fall accessory or that special something you picked out at a thrift store, a silky scarf is it for fall 2018. You can tie it to your ponytail or style it as a headband; you can wear it as a belt or affix it to your tote bag. There are even blouses and dresses that come with a neck scarf built in, so you don’t even have to think about grabbing one on your way out of the house.

Popover Blouses

Short-sleeve, popover-style button-downs come with a hint of nostalgia (they feel like something the kids at Rydell High School would wear to their local diner) and comfort (you could just be wearing a pajama top, who’s to say?) And they can easily be swapped into your wardrobe for a T-shirt or a flowy blouse, if you want something that feels a little more polished.

Statement Snakeskin

If you needed further proof that snakeskin is on its way to replace leopard as fashion’s favorite animal print…