9x Valentines Day gift ideas for your boyfriend

cooking with beer (here) // bathrobe (here) //  belt (here) // eau de toilette & shower gel (here here) // socks (here) // watch (here) // coffee (here) // sunglasses (here) // beard kit (here) // beer kit (here) // bag (here)  

Hi there girls! Valentines Day is almost on the corner! And it is so hard to find cool gifts for your boyfriend, because girls likes so many more things. Makeup, books, pretty tops and everything pink as I speak for myself. So now I decided to help you a little with this gift guide. There are some beautiful items from Esprit, like the red bathrobe. I love bathrobes, I can wear it all morning long. And all that beer gifts are for men who like beer so much, they want to do everything with it hihi;) Have you ever hear of a ‘beer’amisu? That is the Italian dessert: tiramisu with beer in stead of coffee liqueur. I don’t think it is so tasty, but I don’t like beer.

After the gifting part you need to do something fun on Valentines Day, but it is on Tuesday ;( When it was on a Sunday I definitely go to a nice city to drink a good cup of coffee and later maybe a sushi diner or something. I think it is hard to do something other than a normal Sunday. But hey spread the love everywhere you go. And not only on Valentines Day, but try to do that everyday.


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