Earrings (here) // Valentine’s Card (here) // Top (here) // Mugs (here) // Bag (here) // iPhone case (here) // Lipstick (here) // Body (here) // Heart pastry (here) // Polaroid camera (here

Hi there girls! Valentines Day is almost on the corner! When it comes to me it is so hard to find nice gifts for your boyfriend, because girls likes so many more things: makeup, books, pretty tops and everything pink. So now I decided to help you a little with this gift guide. You can give your boyfriend a gift, but you can also do it in another way this year. Dress yourself up with a beautiful baby blue body, put some red hot lipstick on, grab your red heart bag and write the most sweetest Valentines Day card for him on Greetz.nl


Dare you write a love card? I’ve never dared to do it myself. Or I forget to do it. Luckily Greetz has the service that you can order it until 13 February 22:00. What a great and quick service. Pick your favorite card amount the 500 different pieces, and when you are so creative yourself. You can take an amazing photo and upload it into your love card.  But oeh, how excited would it be to skip your name, so he can guess by his own from who he gets the love card….


Love goes through the stomach. So when you want to surprise your boyfriend even more, than you can order on Greetz, beside your card, a delicious heart cake. How cool is that?! I really can recommend the donuts and the bavarois. And the best of all they have cool delivery in our whole country. You can order a day before Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day will be a one he will never forget.


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