10 best things to do in Curacao

Have you ever been to Curacao before? When you are planning  a new trip you definitely need to think about this amazing island. Here are some of my best place you need to go to;

  • Sea Aquarium at Mambo Beach; here you can see the greatest dolphin shows ever! Everything looks so amazing. You can buy a ticket for the whole day and watch all the shows, feed the sharks or swim with dolphins.
  • Playa Grandi; this was my favorite place of the whole vacay. Because we went snorking a little and then they throw aways fish in the sea and the sea turtles came to eat is. It was so crazy to come so close to them. And I made this amazing shot, how cool !
  • Playa Kalki; the sand was so white I needed to wear a sunglasses, haha! This is a smaller beach where you can eat and take lot of photos of the white beach and the crystal clear water.
  • Playa Grandi Kenepa (grote knip); a nice big beach to rend some sunbeds and chill a little. And it has a great viewpoint!
  • Tugboat; here you see the most beautiful fishes ever. There was a boat underwater and this was so great to see. Such a cool experience. Here you can chill and take dive lessons.
  • Ostrich farm; take the safari car to drive across the ostriches, and they also have parrots, monkey and a lot of other animals. Nice to do when the weather is cloudy 😉
  • Playa Porto Mari; you know the beach from photos at the Malidives with those pigs in the water. Here they also have them. But when I came here they were only on the beach and not in the sea so I couldn’t take photos of them…
  • Hato caves; want to do something more cultural? Visit the Hato caves is a great experience. It is not under ground, but first you need to take 50 steps to come here. And it is not cold, but very hot haha! Amazing to see this!
  • Kokomo beach; go on the swing and take a lot of photos. There is also a great restaurant to lunch and the entrance is so beautiful. I think it is a very popular spot!
  • Klein Curacao; take a boat (Miss Ann or Mermaid boat trips) to go to this little island at the coastline of the east. The water is so crystal clear and the beaches really white. You can visit the old lighthouse or the washed up boat. We took the Miss Ann boat trip and I can really recommend this! We had breakfast and lunch with the whole group on the beach, which was great!


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